To know Lexi is to love her. She is as precious as she is beautiful. I can honestly say that some of my favorite images I have ever taken have been of her. She is up for anything and lets me be creative. Picking favorites from this session is impossible – I LOVE them all.Continue reading “L E X I”

Sarah C/O 2021

I was so glad I got to meet Sarah and help document her Senior year. In fact, Sarah signed up for our 4-Seasons package which means we still have 3 sessions of fun to go! Sarah is just darling. She is easy to talk to and we had a blast. She hunts, fishes and isContinue reading “Sarah C/O 2021”

Emma Senior 2021

If you’ve been to the studio you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emma. I couldn’t ask for a better assistant. She is kind hearted, gets my sense of humor, cleans up after me and sits quietly while tantrums are thrown. If you’ve been to the studio then you also know we have aContinue reading “Emma Senior 2021”