Sarah c/o 2021

If you know me you know I HATE the cold weather. Seriously. I sleep with an electric blanket year round and am annoyed when someone turns our house down to under 75. I mention at least once a week how we need to move somewhere that is warm year round. So, you must know thatContinue reading “Sarah c/o 2021”

Macy c/o 2021

I’ve known Macy’s family forever and just like the rest of them, she is a gem. She had the kindest spirit and was an absolute delight to have in the studio. She is going into premed and I have no doubt that she will be successful at anything she does. Thanks Macy for letting meContinue reading “Macy c/o 2021”

Kinley c/o 2021

We had so much fun photographing gorgeous Kinley. She is such a natural in front of the camera and like my other seniors, made by job super easy. She came in for one of our Classic Senior Portrait Sessions and I think we nailed it. I’m so glad she chose me to document this excitingContinue reading “Kinley c/o 2021”

Rebecca c/o 2021

Rebecca came to the studio and we are so glad she did! Not only is she a doll but she is just the sweetest young lady. We were totally on the same wavelength regarding her poses and session style. I could have just spent the day gabbing and photographing her. I love her style andContinue reading “Rebecca c/o 2021”

Sarah C/O 2021

I was so glad I got to meet Sarah and help document her Senior year. In fact, Sarah signed up for our 4-Seasons package which means we still have 3 sessions of fun to go! Sarah is just darling. She is easy to talk to and we had a blast. She hunts, fishes and isContinue reading “Sarah C/O 2021”

Emma Senior 2021

If you’ve been to the studio you’ve probably had the pleasure of meeting Miss Emma. I couldn’t ask for a better assistant. She is kind hearted, gets my sense of humor, cleans up after me and sits quietly while tantrums are thrown. If you’ve been to the studio then you also know we have aContinue reading “Emma Senior 2021”

Shelby c/o 2020

Shelby’s Senior Session is one of my favorites. We divided it up into two separate afternoons so we could enjoy that sunset light on more than one day. I will have to say it was a fantastic idea! Everyone loves the Fall sunset but I will take that summer afternoon sun anyday. Shelby is softContinue reading “Shelby c/o 2020”