The Huff Family

I am so glad I met the Huff Family! They are so kind and were so much fun to photograph. They were totally up for anything and even Dad happily participated. He’s outnumbered so maybe he didn’t have a choice. One thing is for sure, he is blessed with a gorgeous wife and two beautifulContinue reading “The Huff Family”

The Karnes Family

Family sessions are one of my favorites to shoot and ANY shoot with this family is my favorite. I love letting kids run wild and documenting their interactions. These boys are growing quickly and I just can’t enough of them. Thank you Karnes Family for letting me document these precious babies. Since you can’t freezeContinue reading “The Karnes Family”

Waiting for Lennon

I was so excited to meet this sweet couple and I’m even more excited to photograph their baby girl in a few months. Sweet Lennon Caroline is scheduled to make her arrival in June. If she waits until the 14th, maybe we can be birthday twins. The weather was gorgeous , the sun was showingContinue reading “Waiting for Lennon”

Princess Teagan, 6 Months

The last time I saw Teagan she was 4 pounds and slept the entire time I was with her. This time she was smiling and really showing her personality. She is dainty and precious and all things princess. We did a snow white set up for her newborn session and this time her Mommy choseContinue reading “Princess Teagan, 6 Months”