1:1 Newborn Mentorship

Newborn photography is different than any other type of photography. For each pose you must be aware of your lighting, baby safety, and angles all after picking the correct props, backdrops that will please the parents and accentuate that perfect little subject. You must be able to soothe baby while keeping in mind how each pose must correctly be executed to produce the best image possible. 1:1 in-person mentorships allow you to work hands ons, watch an experienced newborn photographer and actually take pictures while getting instant feedback. Photographers can also feel free to email me at any time in the future with questions or for advice.

What your day will look like during your 1:1 Mentorship:

  • Overview of Pre-Session planning and parent communication
  • Studio tour prop question/answers
  • Selecting proper props
  • Discuss lighting
  • Proper Posing
  • Baby Safety
  • Session Workflow
  • Post Processing /Editing tips

Lunch and snacks will be provided.

A deposit of $250 is due when booking a 1:1 Mentorship. The remaining $250 is due within 2 weeks of mentoring day.

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