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Baby Palmer

Hey World meet Palmer. She is a perfect little lady that visited our studio recently. She definitely made us work for it (her mama said she was a little dramatic) but it was so worth it. For this session we used lots of blacks and went for a simple style. Her mama brought a signedContinue reading “Baby Palmer”

Baby Wade

I was so glad to meet Wade and his family! He was a dream baby to photograph. At nine lbs and with a head full of hair we just fell in love! We got tons and tons of great images from this sleepy baby. His big sister was so good and so proud of thatContinue reading “Baby Wade”

Baby Everett

This handsome little guy is Everett! He is so sweet and it was such an honor to take his first pictures. He was most definitely happiest when he was swaddled. I love when families send me a themed request and Grandma requested Harry Potter. I love the final product! Take a glimpse at a littleContinue reading “Baby Everett”

Aniston is ONE

If you wanna see a happy baby – Miss Aniston is it! She was a ham her entire session and gave us plenty of smiles! We pulled her outfits from our studio wardrobe– which is available for any session. We are adding new items all the time! Her mom picked a pastel rainbow theme andContinue reading “Aniston is ONE”

Baby Charlotte

Little Charlotte came to us for a wrapped session. Wrapped sessions are great for “older” newborns or if you’d just like a quick newborn session for just the baby. She was a little fussy that day- it happens- and she gave us a run for our money. By looking at these gorgeous images you’d neverContinue reading “Baby Charlotte”

Baby Holden

Sweet Holden came to see us for his newborn session. He was a BIG boy with a head full of hair! He was born on his big sisters (second) birthday. His two older siblings, along with his mommy and daddy came too! His Mommy wanted to use a rocking chair and baseball glove that bothContinue reading “Baby Holden”

Baby Grady

We were so excited to have Grady in the studio. He looks just like his brother who was one of our newborns too. We loved his hair and even though we tried to brush it, it had a mind of its own. He was so good for us! His mommy and big brother joined inContinue reading “Baby Grady”

Whitley is ONE

We recently celebrated Whitley’s first birthday. This session had a first for us- a goat in the studio! It didn’t make a mess and posed perfectly for us. I can honestly say the goat was much better than most of our toddlers. Ha! Since then I’ve been dropping not so subtle hints about getting aContinue reading “Whitley is ONE”

Baby Drew

Sweet Drew is another one of our February babies. She, like most of them came during the worst weather. She didn’t want to sleep for us and really made us work for our poses. It’s a good thing she’s so cute! Her Mommy and Daddy joined in for some gorgeous images, including one of myContinue reading “Baby Drew”

Baby Lakyn

Little Lakyn was an absolute delight to photograph. At 5lbs she was tiniest baby we’ve had in a while. Her Momma said she loved purple so I made sure to use lots of it. If you can’t tell- color on color is my favorite thing to do. I love layers of the same color andContinue reading “Baby Lakyn”

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